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"Very talented, seasoned groomer, with 15 years of experience. November is fast and efficient, and pays great attention to detail. Amazing at handling even the most difficult or fussy dogs, she just has a great connection with her clients, and they all love her!"

-Jessica Maia Albee

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"We had November come by our place to fix the mistakes of previous groomers. Not only was she incredibly friendly, she understood immediately what I was looking for with my corgi. She was patient with our Merlin and took the time to walk me through what she was doing. It was an incredibly fulfilling experience. Instead of having to walk away from my pup, leaving him in a studio, November was totally cool with me being there and chatting while she worked on him. I cannot express enough how much I appreciated that. Merlin totally digs her too! Thank you November, we can't wait for our next appointment!"

- Rhari Duval